spock literally couldn’t be a 100% vulcan master sensei because he couldn’t give up the emotion of love. His gay love for jim. He literally was too gay to be a pro vulcan



"That’s funny, wasn’t he pointing the other way?"




look how beautiful these paintings are i knew immediately that these belonged on my chest so i shat out my bottom dollars for it and it was so worth it

"The Princess is everything Luke wants to be. She is socially conscious, whereas he is thrown into things; intellectually, she is a strong leader, and he is just a kid."

- George Lucas

People often talk about how Han influenced Luke, but we should also look at how Leia influenced Luke.

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I’ve always really liked this idea—that they’re the exact same age, but their different lives have given them very different levels of maturity, and Luke is envious, but fascinated, and idolizes her a bit.

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what the american school system teaches us

What every school system teaches us*



that frickin. that college au. oh my god. oh MY god.

  • obi-wan confronting anakin about his “Sith Happens” shirt. anakin groaning and getting annoyed because he’s wearing it for ironic purposes, obviously

  • padme is this impossibly accomplished student who manages to get good grades while also getting herself deeply involved w community service. anakin has no fucking chance. “I am going to marry her,” he thinks to himself while she’s putting up posters about the importance of recycling.

    (obi-wan’s eyeballing him later bc anakin’s changed into an earth day shirt and casually walking past the quad several times, trying to get padme’s attention)

  • padme thinks anakin’s a dork but he’s smart and hilarious and she finds that really appealing. and so is his body. (come on it certainly wasn’t his smooth lines or anything. “you’ve grown more beautiful i mean much shorter for a senator i mean,” anakin’s body helped a lot let’s be real here)

  • she wants to focus on studying and whatnot and thinks it may be a Bad Idea to get mixed up w anakin (what with their differences in temperament, political views, and his tendency to hang out w Palpatine who just creeps her out). but they just keep meeting again and again and most of these occasions end in sloppy makeouts (every time she ends with “i shouldn’t have done that” and every time anakin’s like “i’m sorry, whenever i’m with you my mind is no longer my own. also am i the problem here, did you not like it, what could i have done to make that better for you”)

  • cue the frequent fanfiction tropes thrown in. (“oh no we’ve been locked in this broom closet and cannot come out!” anakin says. padme’s jiggling the doorknob bc half of her is like “this is an ideal situation” and the other half is like “no this is my least favorite fanfiction trope”). don’t try to tell me she doesn’t read fanfiction ok

  • obi-wan and anakin are always bickering, but anakin’s always with obi-wan during his office hours and he’s memorized how many bags of tea obi-wan goes through in a day (the answer is a lot)

  • other students come in to see obi-wan about a paper or something and they see him and anakin both yelling at the top of their lungs about something completely inane that happened two weeks ago. they’re like “uh professor?” and obi-wan turns red and clamps his mouth shut and tells anakin to come back later. and this happens on a daily basis. (anakin has his own chair installed in obi-wan’s office. students ask each other, “is he even in any of obi-wan’s classes?” “i think he was last semester… or was it last year?”)

  • i really need to stop
waiting for the fireworks in epcot. <3

waiting for the fireworks in epcot. <3



sailor moon graphic meme: [4/5] inners

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Have a muppets version of the text post meme.